Community Equity Group provides high growth, manufactured home community investment opportunities and resources to the investment community. Located in Oakdale, California, Community Equity Group is a specific fund investing in the increasingly attractive and affordable manufactured home communities.

Our mission is to provide our investors with high-growth economic opportunities currently in California and throughout the southwestern United States.

As we all know, demand for affordable housing has dramatically increased over the past few years. Statistically, most manufactured home park communities receive an average of 450-600 calls/monthly from potential tenants. More than 20% of the American population have created the growing trend to search for lifestyle simplicity. Manufactured home communities match their needs to a tee.

Real Estate Investment is, perhaps, one of the best vehicles to invest in and earn a sizable return. At Community Equity Group, our team stands ready to educate you and move you forward to realize the abundance earned in manufactured home community investments.

Our success is founded on our management team who bring 50 combined years of investment and business experience. Our approach is a conservative one, recognizing that you, our investors, place a high degree of trust in us. We operate with integrity and honesty and, as stewards of your capital, we endeavor to build the wealth required to reach your long term financial goals.

With this demand for affordable housing and our experience and qualifications in real estate, you need look no further to significantly increase your portfolio today. For more information, fill out our Inquiry Form and we’ll send you a package to help you get started growing your portfolio today. If you prefer, you may call us at 209-845-3861.